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Success through collaboration and partnership

When starting a project together, we are forming a partnership. There are specific goals, expectations and aspirations we both want to achieve. Together, we are invested in the outcome.

We begin a conversation and establish a language of ideas that gets everyone on the same page. This open communication continues throughout the project, creating a truly collaborative environment where all parties are informed, invested and in sync.

Eric Elliot Studio

Eric Elliot Studio crafts products and experiences that transform brands, grow businesses and create lasting impressions.

Led by Creative Director Eric Elliot, the studio works with brands and agencies of all sizes and industries. Teams are custom assembled for each project, based on the project scope and the skills of the designers and developers.

Capabilities include but are not limited to: advertising (print & digital), apparel design, branding & identity design, consulting, creative direction, environmental graphics, illustration, logo design, web development, UI/UX design and video production.

From startups to small businesses to global brands, some of the industries the studio has experience with include: music and film, motorsports, fashion apparel, food and beverage, healthcare, software development, mobile technology and social media.

We’re always up for a new challenge, so contact us to discuss your next project.

An honest process

The needs and requirements of a project can change and evolve as the project grows. You shouldn’t be locked into your first idea, especially when new information becomes available. That’s why we take an iterative design approach. We analyze alternate solutions, and determine if it’s appropriate to revise a previous decision for a better final outcome. This maximizes the opportunities for success.


About Eric Elliot

Eric Elliot Studio is owned and operated by Creative Director Eric Elliot.

Eric started his career as a fine artist working with paints, charcoals and similar drawing mediums. After receiving his BFA from the University of Central Florida, he began working full-time as a graphic designer, focusing on logo and brand identity design.

Then in 2010 he packed up his car and headed out west with his dog Duke, eventually settling in San Diego, California. Out of curiosity and a desire to expand his skill set, Eric began tinkering with code and learning best practices for front-end development. He found the process of building something from scratch incredibly satisfying— and has been churning out lean, mean, semantic code ever since.

While working as a designer and developer, he gained a valuable understanding of how these two processes intersect during the course of a project, especially in the context of a larger team. With this insight, Eric developed strategies and practices to avoid the typical pitfalls that happen when designers hand things off to the development team.

These strategies are at the core of our process, and the final results speak for themselves. We craft products that function seamlessly without sacrificing any integrity of the design. Are you ready to build something great? Contact the studio today.